9:12 AM

Salam wbt...

It has been a long time since I last put up a post on this blog. Seven months since my last post. :)
I don't know if there are still readers out there who read my blog since it has been lack of update, i mean a real decent post. The last one was on January 13th and it just a wordless post. I have been neglecting my blog so much since i started my final year (not like i have write so many post, pun :))

Time flew so fast. There are so much things has happened since then, but the latest and happiest one is that i've passed my final professional exam!... and completed my six years study (seven years if include matrics) ^___________________^
Alhamdulillah summalhamdulillah... summalhamdulillah...
Tak terungkap rasa syukur dan lega dlm hati dpt melepasi tahap2 genting dalam kehidupan sbg medical student ni. It indeed a long and tough time.. but not to say that the days coming ahead are lot more easier. Definitely not! :)

Pics edited by Nurazah Ismail

When i open my blog, I was unhappy to see my chatbox has been filled with unrelated, nonsense comment from strangers which i unable to delete it. Thus, the first thing i did is to remove it and reinstall again.. But i can see, after a few days, it keeps coming... :( so, i decide to just ignore it.. and hope so are you :)

I have to admit that i'm not so much a blogger. I always caught up in my “real world” instead of back  to blogging. As now i'm having more leisure time as compared to before, insya Allah i'll try to make some updates...before i was caught 'busy' again in my housmanship time. :)

I start with kalimat 'bismillahirrahmanirrahim..' :)

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