DIY Hair Comb

9:53 PM

Assalamualaikum and halloo! ^_~
I'm here again to share an interesting tutorial that i've tried. See this hair comb wrapped with bright colourful embroidery thread. Sweet kan.. >_<

The only material i need for this project, are:
Hair comb
Embroidery thread

When i was in secondary school, i used to do cross stitches. Lucky to say that i have some left-over embroidery thread from forever ago. This thread have been dormant in my craft box for a few years since i stop cross-stitching. Sibuk mengaji la katekan..hik..hik..
Now it's time to make use of it! 

Let see the Tutorial from Lemon Jitters...

It easy you know!.. I'll explain my way :)
When you start, hold the thread to the back and wrap the thread between the comb teeth so that it overlap first thread tadi. Sy suka kasi panjang skit end of thread tadi so that it's more secured under few wrapping :). Wrap about 3-4 times. Depends on ketebalan thread u olls', k.
 Then, switch the color and do it over again until the other end.

The original tutorial said that there's no need to use the glue gun. Yes, no need. But as i'm afraid it might fall apart sbb mane tahu without realizing, ter'ganaz' skit kann.. so, i tied the end of the first thread with the end of the 2nd thread. So, from the back, it's kinda of ugly skit. i don't wanna show it here. muahaha...

Check the photos for specifics and how to end the wrapping.

Tadaa!.. This is my version..
The colour might look kinda strange bcoz it's a 'left over' embroidery thread kann..
But, colourful is always gojes!~ ♥♥
It's even looks pretty on my hair! Thank you, Lemon Jitters!
This is such a simple way to make the hair comb look pop. 
And a set of them could make such a great little gift. Have a try! Have a nice day!

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