Domo-kun hard disc cover!

6:47 AM

Assalamualaikum wbt..
"Dōmo, konnichiwa" (どうも、こんにちは)  = "Well, hello there!"

Domo... I bet you know this brown monster with a large, sawtoothed mouth that is locked wide open. ^_^ I really love it! It's cute rather than scary. 

Thus, one of my very first felt craft project was this domo felt hard disc cover. Cute, right?!

To enhance its use, i make it with multiple pockets and even sew my name on its back. Among the felt project, so far this is the hardest one to sew. It require me to be more careful in its detail. But, it's pretty! It's worth then. ^_^

I'm planning to make other domo with different colour. I will show you soon. =) 
Have a great day!

Domo arigatou!

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