Day 5 of 7 Days to Greater Happiness Course...(◦'⌣'◦)

6:40 AM


Some people notice the BEAUTIFUL view.
Some people notice only the DIRTY window!

Your happiness depends on what you DECIDE to notice.

So here's today's exercise:
Step 1: Look for ONE QUALITY in every person you meet.
Step 2: Give them a COMPLIMENT ...

"That is a stunning outfit!"
"You are an inspiring teacher."
"You have a beautiful smile!"

Remember, a compliment is NOT flattery!
Flattery is insincere.
A compliment is SINCERE RECOGNITION of someone's qualities.

Most people feel UNDER-APPRECIATED!
When you give them compliments, you light up their day.

And here's the bonus:

To pay compliments, you have to focus on the positive.
So it makes YOU happier!

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