Kick the worry habit!...(◦'⌣'◦)

5:15 AM

Salam wbt. and dear frenz...
Sorry for little late of overstatement.
greater happiness course tertunda utk 2 minggu lamanya kerana hari raya dan full lecture class n assgnment. berikut adalah sambungannya...
Sedikit yg boleh dikongsikan dr buku motivasi tulisan Andrew Matthews.

Day 3 of Greater Happiness Course...(◦'⌣'◦)

Most of us WORRY.
Some people will even tell you that you SHOULD worry!
But worrying is worse than USELESS!

Firstly, it attracts misfortune.
Secondly, it is bad for your health!

So what should you do about worry?

TAKE ACTION first - and postpone worry indefinitely.
That's what effective people do.

Here is your mission for the next 24 hours:
Whenever you want to worry, ask yourself, "What is the problem RIGHT NOW?"

Guess what you'll find ...
Unless you are in a life threatening situation, you DON'T have a problem.

Look at your life.
Has there ever been a situation you didn't survive?
There hasn't!

You can HANDLE the present.
It is just the FUTURE that gives you trouble!
So your mission is to focus on the present.

Your mind will want to drift into the future.
Your mind will want to ask questions like: "What happens if ...?"

Drag it back to the PRESENT.

Tell yourself:
"If there is SOMETHING I can do now, I will do it."
"If there is NOTHING I can do right now, I refuse to worry."

Make this your motto:
"I take whatever action I can now - and I postpone worry!"
"I deal with problems MOMENT BY MOMENT."

Andrew Matthews

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