Day 2 of Greater Happiness Course...(◦'⌣'◦)

7:36 PM


Some people constantly CRITICISE themselves.
They say things like:
"I'm FAT."
"I'm BORING.""Watch me SCREW THIS UP!"

There are two problems with criticizing yourself:

You BECOME what you think about.
So when you criticize your own performance, it gets worse!

Criticizing yourself IRRITATES other people.
Eventually, even your friends will want to smack you in the mouth!
Self criticism is not humility, it's stupidity.

So this is your job for the next 24 hours:
Notice what you say about yourself.

Starting today, say ONLY GOOD THINGS about you!
If you have nothing good to say, say nothing!

And the result?
1. You'll feel better.
2. You won't irritate other people.
3. Your performance will improve.

Just today, support yourself!
You may choose to make it a lifelong habit!

~Andrew Matthews~

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