When ever I see you, I feel calm...

11:02 AM

When I see you,

I feel calm.

When I read you,

I feel peace.

When I heard you,

I feel comfort.

When I applied you,

I feel good.

You are very important for me,

Without you,

I feel messy.

Because of you,

I am organized.

Without you, 

I was blind to this nasty world.

You are the words from God,

that will guide me.

You are the speech from God,

that will accompany me.

And, somebody ask, "who is the 'you' that I mean it?"

And, I answered, " 'you' is my beloved holy Qur'an"

"Ya Allah, jangan Engkau cabut rasa indah dalam hatiku, bilamana aku membaca, menyebut, menatap dan mendengar 'kalam-Mu'...surat cinta dari Mu"

-Hamba Mu yg kerdil-

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